She Hacks

SheHacks 2016

Girl Geek Sydney are running our third all women hackathon - SheHacks - which will see up to 50 developers, designers, UX and producers working in small groups to come up with digital ideas and prototypes.

    The event runs over two days:
  • Friday 23 September from 6:30pm - 10pm and
  • Saturday 24 September from 9am-6pm.
  • At Fishburners, 608 Harris St, Ultimo

Apply to participate in SheHacks 2016 (applications close Wednesday 21st of September)

About SheHacks 2016

This year we are doing things a little differently. We will ask you to fill in a questionaire and give you an opportunity to apply as a team. We will also try and put teams together prior to event. This year Friday night ends at 10pm (not midnight) so being in teams will allow you to get to know your fellow hackers prior to the hackathon, and can start bouncing ideas in a Slack group that will be created for your team. Certainly, if you prefer you can meet people and form groups on the Friday night. However, with the new timing, it might be a bit tight. We also decided not to have a theme this year, so got that wacky idea you've always wanted to build? Bring it!


What is a Hackathon?

An event in which a people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming.

Is there a theme for the event?

Not this year! It's open season!

I have an idea, can I pitch it?

YES PLEASE! See the registration form for more details.

How big are the teams?

Teams of around 5 should be formed.

What if I sign-up alone or don’t have a group?

Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone attending. We will be forming groups prior to the event based on the answers to the registration questions and skill areas. We don't have as much time on the Friday night this year, so this is seen as a good way of getting ahead of the curve.

How much does the SheHacks Hackathon cost?

Nothing, it’s free! We have AMAZING and GENEROUS sponsors providing the venue, food and fabulous prizes. You just need to be excited about coding in a team environment.

Will there be coffee and food?

Absolutely! Our sponsors have been very generous this year, so everyone will be well fed and watered.

Who is this aimed at?

Those who identify as Women, of any age with programming, design, user experience or project management skills.

I can't code, can I still attend?

Yes! In fact, a well-rounded team of different skill sets might just give you the advantage! (Think a PM, visual designer, UXer and two programmers.)

Can men attend?

Just a friendly reminder that Girl Geeks Sydney focuses on promoting and engaging women in technology in Sydney. Therefore, SheHacks gives preference those who identify as women. We expect to have a waitlist once again for this year's event. So if you are male and sign up, please do not be surprised if your ticket is cancelled in favour of a woman attendee.

What do I need to bring?

A working laptop and a desire to contribute! You must be able to attend both days.

What language can I code in?

Anything you desire!

Who owns the code that I write?

You do, unless you’re using something that belongs to someone else.

Can I come watch?

At this stage we are expecting a sell out event. So in order not to break fire code and allow as many Girl Geeks the opportunity to participate, only our sponsors and organisers will be event spectactors/mentors. However, if something changes watch those social media channels for announcements.

I've submitted my application. Am I in?

Very likely! However, note, that this year we will be making sure that we have the right combination of skills across the range to set our participants for success. Also, SheHacks has been incredibly popular, so we can not guarantee that everyone will get in.

Ok, so what happens after I've submitted my application?

We will get back to you before or on 18th of September and let you know whether you are in, or have been placed on the waiting list. If you are on a waiting list and there's a cancellation, we will let you know between 19 and 21st of September.

Oops, I can no longer attend - how do I cancel my application?

Simply send us an email with "SheHacks2016 - application cancellation" subject. Remember to cancel promptly, so that we can give your spot to someone on the waiting list!


So what exactly are the prizes for the Hackathon? And how do you win?

Each team will need to get up and give a 3-5 minute pitch of their project at the end of the Saturday. These presentations count, so use all the skills in your team to make it compelling. After this, our judging panel deliberate and vote.

We will have first place, second and third place and prizes for each team. We also have a new category of team with the "Most Potential" this year.

Prizes will be awarded from representatives of each company (see our sponsors section below). Our sponsors are still locking down exact prizes, but let's just say those we do know about are very, very cool! Stay tuned.


A big thank you to Fishburners who have provided the event space for our hackathon. Fishburners is Australia’s largest startup space who are a non for profit focused on helping startups grow. They accommodate 200 entrepreneurs in it’s co-working space and host more than 300 events a year.

We would like to thank our fantastic and generous sponsors for making this event possible. We very much appreciate their help, generosity and their mutual coming together to support Women in Tech.

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